Creating the future...one frame at a time.


"Exceptional Minds is by far the most creative post-secondary program for individuals with ASD that I have ever experienced. The young adults are mentored to develop their interests in computer animation and visual effects while working in teams that foster relationships among like-minded individuals, thus creating a future and meaningful life for each and everyone. Exceptional Minds taps into not only their creativity but their beauty, individuality, empathy that binds them together through their sharing and work and mutual respect. These are life lessons that support all they wish for themselves as they build their own lives and futures."
Ricki Robinson, M.D.
International Autism Expert
Author, Autism Solutions

“The life of a parent with an autistic child is one of second guessing. Was I right in choosing one particular program and not the other? Did I waste a year of his very valuable time in the wrong one? Did I push hard enough for what my child needs at an IEP or IPP? Am I even sure of what will benefit him the most? How much freedom and independence should I grant him but still keep him safe? And the list goes on. Of one thing I am certain-- choosing Exceptional Minds. Patrick is thriving there. He is learning at an amazing pace and I have never seen him happier. He wants a career in computer animation and movies and that is exactly what Exceptional Minds is--crucial in helping him to achieve that goal. The staff is astounding in their generosity, time, patience, and expertise.
I can sleep well now. No second guessing.”

Mayi Brady

“I want to let you know how much Exceptional Minds has meant to Christopher, his mother and me. Christopher has, for the first time in years, found something to give his life meaning. For the first time in our 22 years with Christopher we have found a place where people care deeply about him and understand his plight, where people believe in his abilities and can help our beautiful son do more with life than bag groceries at Vons or stock shelves at Sears. Since his brief involvement with Exceptional Minds, Christopher has been transformed. He is finding a sense of pride and purpose. For the first time in such a long time he feels that he has worth, that he is actually good at something important…I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you are doing for my son Christopher and ASD children like him. Without people like you a lot of magical souls would be left to drift in aimless and wasted lives.”
John V. Chapman