Exceptional Minds Landing Page

Thanks so much Prospector Theatre (www.prospectortheater.org) for this amazing shout out during a screening of Dr. Strange!
Half way through our Summer Workshops - what fun!
EM students Jacob Lenard, Matthew DeLorimier and Michael Shiu animated alongside the best at
Cartoon Network AniJam!

Stephanie's Day 2016
EM Crew ready for action
(Yudi, Ernie, Eddie, Martha, Howie, Noah, Ron, and Kat)

Great work setting up the EM Booth!
Ernie, Howie and Kat

2016 Exceptional Minds
2016 EM Industry Open House
Marvel Studios’ Victoria Alonso &
HBO's Holly Schiffer
Exceptional Minds Receives
Prestigious Sesame Street Award
EM at Walk for Autism 2016!
Put yourself right in the game!
Ernie at the booth
Madeline telling a passerby about the program
Noah and Yudi at the booth
Noah assisting behind the wheel
EM Parents Meeting 2016
Shish giving a presentation
Ernie stepping in
Craig and Susie talking to the parents
St. Patrick's Day 2016!
EM at Profectum 2016
Mason's Birthday Donut!
First Years and their Photoshop ACA Certificates!
Ed Asner hanging with the First Years!
EM Studio Hard at Work
EM Superstars Posing for Parade Magazine!
Thaddeus and Ian
Visiting with our Friends from Jazz Hands for Autism
Lauren and Alex Working Hard on the Profectum project
Rob Sorcher of Cartoon Network pays us a visit!
EM Studio's Holiday Party
Ernie and Chase's Birthday!
Laura's Birthday!
EM at Film Roman
Susie's Birthday!
Learning about the creative process behind Blue Sky's Peanuts Movie
EM Visits Shadow Machine
Working on A Perfect Day
EM visits Nickelodeon!
EM Visits Disney Television Studio
Second Year Students on Field Trip
Erik and Lauren working away
Shane McKaskle Lookin' Snazzy
Lecture on Dinosaur Design from Jurassic World!
Noah, Annie, and Steven's Birthday!
EM at the Special Olympics!
VFX Intro Class
Maya Jumpstart
Jorge Gutierrez and his presentation on The Book of Life
Cartoon Time with Ian and Eddie!
Animation in After Effects
Flash Animation with Laura, Alineh, and Adam!
Digital Painting with Jess and Matt!
EM Studio Artists Welcome their new Microwave!
Busy Time in the Studio
EM at Stephanie's Day 2015!
Press Start to Play!
CBS's Lisa Sigell
Outside the Booth
EM at Profectum 2015!
Adam giving his speech at Profectum
Noah and Verrocchio Addressing the Audiance at Profectum 2015
Smile for the camera, Verrocchio!

Nico and Adam at the Booth

Exceptional Minds Special Thank You for Jon Stewart

EM Halloween 2015
Shish Finds his Inner Rastifarian
Count Steven Storti
Tom and Xavier
Doctor Chase
Jason, Tiana, and Michael

Happy Halloween!

( <-- Click to see him dance)

Exceptional Minds honored by Victoria Alonso at the premiere of
"Avengers: Age of Ultron"
at the Academy Theater.
EM graduates created the end credit sequence and worked on Marker removals for the Hollywood blockbuster!
Exceptional Minds Baseball Night!
Watching the Game
Noah Flexing for the Camera
Exceptional Minds at Dolby Digital!
Exceptional Students learning about the new Dolby-vision and how it will work
EM Students in the Demonstration Theater, watching Dolby-vision in effect.
Tiana, Annie, and Laura after watching the demonstration
Ernie with the Dolby crew
2015 Autism Walk

Our Exceptional Group at the
best booth

Working hard!

(Randi, Shish, Ernie, Noah, Jason, Matt Adsner, Howie, Kenny, Tony and Yudi)

Tony, Noah, Charles Hassell (Autism Speaks Representative), Kenny and Shane
Posing with his game pic
Randi setting up our game for the kids
EM's crew representing!
Exceptional Minds at
the Ice House

Adam, Noah and Nik

Adam Tearing it up
Steve getting lots of laughs
Ricardo, Maria and Nik - Disneyland Raffle winners!

Erik and Shane hanging out
with Lego Super Heros
at Wondercon!

Richard Gasparian
(Simpsons timing director)
donating a limited edition bike to be auctioned off

Exceptional Minds Friendraiser
EM at the presentation of "Life, Animated", with Ron Suskind
Mason, Ari, Adam, Jess, and Michael
Ari, Michael, and Jess meeting up with Ron Suskind

EM Animators of "A Perfect Fit" at
Self Determination Conference

EM at the Hollywood Mural Painting
Revealing the finished result
EM Class of 2017 at Nickelodeon!
Steven meditating in the garden of Nickelodeon
Liam, Chase, and Maddy chillin'
Picture time again Ian
Together As One!
EM Class of 2016 at Disney!
EM Class of 2015 at Stargate Studios!

Exceptional Minds Presents

A Perfect Fit

Alex K. and Kat
with his certification!

Thad and Ian working on
Saving Nick Part 3
Steven and Michael
Jason and Robin
Noah making friends!
Ernie and Dr. Laurie
Ernie, Shish and Laura
Suzette and Ernie
Nancy, Ronalis and Robin
Andrew, Jess, Laura, Howie, Robin, Michael, Tiana, Steven, and Annie
Ronalis and Shish
Carter and Annie
Nancy and Yudi
Parvin, Ronalis and Suzette
Dr. Laurie and Yudi

San Fernando Valley Business Journal
(Click photo to read more)

EM Private-Tutoring Student
Frank Del Olmo walks
the red carpet!
Frank poses with
Jeremy Strong
at "The Judge" Premier
Frank poses with
Vincent D'Onofrio
at "The Judge" Premier
Frank poses with
Robert Downey Jr.
at "The Judge" Premier
Frank poses with
Kristen Bell
at "The Judge" Premier
Frank poses with
Kristen Bell
at "The Judge" Premier
Frank poses with
Robert Duvall
at "The Judge" Premier
Frank poses with
Billy Bob Thornton
at "The Judge" Premier

EM Movie Night Rocked!

Good times!

Summer 2014 Session 1
2D Animation Class ready to GO!
Cartoon Time!
Summer 2014 Session 2
2D Animation Class
Instructor Ian inspiring the class

Students Brainstorming

Cartoon Time Class
VFX Class watching demos

VFX Class

Friday student work screening

and pizza party time!

Smiles for everyone
New friends


Jeremy's Prayer

Exceptional Minds at

Stephanie's Day Event

Exceptional Minds Booth
fgb Exceptional Minds 2014 Graduation!
Exceptional Minds featured on
ABC News!
ijkhik 2014 Exceptional Minds Industry Open House
EM Third Years visit Zoic Studios!
Kevin off to his job interview!
Drawing Class 2014
Craig's Birthday
Chalk Festival 2014
Autism Walk 2014
Profectum 2014
Anne Kurtzman visits EM
Quietly...a wild Eddie
stalks his prey.

Like Atlas before him,
but without burden,
Eli heroically holds up our sign.

Hey guys...
Working hard or
hardly working?
Lunchtime Shenanigans
with Howie, Kat, Adam,
Ian, David, & Jacob

VFX Producer Ryan Stafford and
VFX Coordinator Kimberly Aller
visit Exceptional Minds

"Can you tell me how to get to
Sesame Street?"

Happy Birthday Laura!
Go Go Go!

2014 Holidays

Exceptional Halloween Spirit!

EM Hustle Crew
Exceptional Minds Payday!
Ari & Noah present Temple Grandin
with a signed photo from EM

Young artists attend Future Horizon's
autism conference

EM at The Magic Flute 2014
EM at Film Roman
Sam Register, up close and personal

Ari, Laura, Kevin, and Eli visit
Titmouse Animation

Ken Maruyama of Sony ImageWorks
visits with EM students

Ken Maruyama describes
the perfect portfolio!

Assembly member Adrin Nazarian
proudly displays his new t-shirt...

An EM signed photo for our new friend!
Group photo with Assembly Member Adrin Nazarian
Cardinals VS. Dodgers?

USC's Exceptional Minds
In Transition Movie

Exceptional Minds attends Autism Awareness day at Dodger Stadium

Patrick represents Exceptional Minds on the Jumbotron

Summer Session Two
Fun with the bluescreen: Las Vegas
Yudi and Ian with cakes for Ian's Birthday
Summer Session One
Fun with the bluescreen: Paris
Happy Birthday Eddie!
Animation Class
Josh's Visual Effects Class
Ari receives Adobe Photoshop Certification
Chris and his logo
Exceptional Minds California Legislature Assembly Certificate of Recognition
Tom Von Der Ahe receives award from Exceptional Minds

First Day of Summer Classes
Click Here for more

Open House 2013
Click Here for more

Exceptional Minds visits
Jay Leno
Yudi and her new friend
Howie, Yudi, Patrick and Eddie
all setup for Stephanie's Day!
Patrick and Eddie
holding down the fort.
Exceptional Minds at
Autism Walk 2013

EM at Profectum 2013

Our EM family just keeps
getting bigger

Exceptional Minds at
Shadow Machine!
Class of 2015 behind the scenes
tour of Shadow Machine
The Boy Wonder (Loren Lester)
celebrates Nicky's birthday!

Happy Birthday Lauren!

EM having a great time
with Loren Lester

Laura C.'s USC Documentary 2013
An Exceptional Minds welcome!
Ellen Bialis (EM Angel), Lynn Koegel (Koegel Autism Center), and Jane Conoley (Chancellor U.C. Riverside)
visit Exceptional Minds

Peter Bell at EM 2013
Guest speaker Rob Thomas
looking on
Exceptional Minds at
Paramount Pictures!
EM at Technicolor Baby!
Exceptional Minds loading up
in our private bus!

Touring the Foley room.

Exceptional Minds on the New York
back lot!

Lloyd enjoying all the
sites at Paramount

Exceptional Minds' Board VP
Susan Zwerman
Recognized at the
Directors Guild Awards

Susan on the red carpet!

Yudi, Susan and Ernie
at the DGA Awards!

Ernie celebrating his Birthday
with some Exceptional Minds!

Nancy waiting for Ernie
to make a wish!

Kevin's Birthday!

Ohh Yeah!
Time for cake!

Noel's Birthday!
More cake!

Barbara's Birthday!
Barbara getting ready to blow out
her candle. Ernie excited for cake!

Happy Holidays from
Exceptional Minds!

Ari with her new

Eli enjoying his gifts
Lauren digging in

Chris saying "Ohh Yeah!!"
( on the inside )

Mason showing off his
new headphones

Lloyd checking out his gifts
Daniel opening his gift bag
Shane showing his Chewbacca mug
David sporting his new camera
Erik trying to decide which gift bag
to choose...

Ernie having fun already with
Lauren's mad lib toy

Danny enjoying the party
Kevin showing his new ear buds
and wireless mouse

Stereo D Field Trip!
Bring on the Roto!

Stereo D artist Ian sharing his
skills with Danny and Ernie
Stereo D teaches E M students
Kevin and Patrick enjoying the
movie clips at Stereo D

Best 21st Birthday Ever!

Happy Halloween!
Josh, Stephen, Justin, and Ari,
the new Fantastic Four

Eli, Justin, Dave, Howie, Pat, and Nick
with JG Quintel, creator of
Cartoon Network's Regular Show,
at the Platform Animation Festival

Susan posing with Laura, Ian and
Eddie with their ACA Certification!
Lloyd, Danny, Eli, Chris and Patrick showing off their ACA certificates
and scholarship money!
Danny, Patrick, Lloyd, Eli and Chris hanging out with Josh and Ernie
Oh Yeah, Danny did it!
Noel and his family enjoying
the show
Susan and Noah watching the presentation
Barbara informing
Exceptional Minds
Ari speaking about her piece, "The Curious Pathographical Tales of
Beatrix and the Oliphant"
and dressing the part

New Fall Class of


Dan Caplan blows the team away
with his amazing drawing skills
Jeremy's Birthday
Jeremy blowing out his candles while Ernie shows off his Colgate smile
Eli's Birthday
Celebrating Chris' Birthday!

Exceptional Minds Pay Day for Chris!

Good Job!

Armand working with Josh and
the green screen.
Ernie and Alineh are ready for
their close ups!
Mario standing by to show off
his Jedi skills
David visits Exceptional Minds!


Teaching the students about
creating their games

Ohh Yeah...We are having FUN now!
Howie sharing his love for animation

Hard at Work?
Summer Workshop Good Times!

Summer Workshop Class photo!

Last day of Special FX workshop

Our Staff working hard
at Stephanie's Day Event

Our Exceptional Booth

Josh and Ernie
"The muscles behind
Exceptional Minds"

Stephanie and her family with
Exceptional Minds!
Ernie Speaking at Exceptional Minds Open House
Family and Friends at Open House
Board Member Susan Zwerman
and Mike Kanfer, Adobe Systems
Award Recipient
Ed Asner presents Appreciation
Award to Mike Kanfer of Adobe Systems
Josh accepting Adobe Certification
Kevin Titcher, Lloyd Hackl,
Mike Kanfer, Ed Asner, Danny Gott,
Eli Katz
"Ohh Yeah... that's Me!"
Ernie introduces Exceptional Minds
to The Jewish Federation
Study Mission
Ernie works the crowd as he models
his Exceptional Minds' Tshirt!

Group Shot!
"Exceptional Minds!"

Eli working towards his certification!
Exceptional Minds Booth...Ready
for action!

Cathee and Ernie

Josh And Patrick making video
games come to life!

Ron Hard at work
Barbara working the crowds

Ernie showing off the new
Exceptional Minds' T-shirt...
Go Ernie!

Dreamworks Field Trip!
Payday at Exceptional Minds!

There's always time for a quick
tummy rub!

Yudi and Ernie on the subway set
of Inclusion Films


Naturally Autistic People Presents Award to Exceptional Minds!
Yudi and Ernie enjoying their masterpiece!
Ron and Ernie proud of Exceptional Minds new Big Screen TV!
Tah Dah! It works!
Warner Bros Warner Brothers Field Trip
Mad about Warner Brothers Warner Bros
Justin Justin's Birthday!
Blow Justin Blow! Justin
Nickelodeon Field Trip
Posing in Nickelodeon's private park
Kevin's Birthday!
Ernie's Birthday
christmas Exceptional Mind's Christmas Party 2011
Eli enjoying pizza christmas
christmas Tony trying to decide which
gift is best
Ari, Ernie, Danny and Molly, ready
for cake
christmas Ari's "Rawrar Rarawra" cake
Eli, Ernie, and David being
"strongmen" with gifts
shadow Shadow Machine Field Trip
Shadow Machine shadow
Halloween 2011
New Exceptional Minds Location!
Chris hard at work
Lloyd working hard
Eli and Josh working on
movie credits
Ed Asner visits Exceptional Minds
Danny and Eddie creating
Exceptional Minds logo
new Exceptional Minds round table discussion
Patrick and Howie animating new
new Nat and Howie animating
Nat and Howie working in Flash new
new Tony and Susan discussing projects
Lloyd rotoscoping

LACMA Field Trip
Tim Burton Exhibit 2011

Class photo

Yellow rubber tube forest