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Exceptional Minds' Howie Hoffman talks about the legendary program's amazing new animation studio and what blockbuster movies the students have been working on this year!

Exceptional Minds featured on Autastic.
"Exceptional Minds...An Exceptional company"

Exceptional Minds worked on shots
for The Good Doctor team and
also had a role with Atypical.

At This VFX Studio, Artists With
Autism Make Magic for Marvel

Young autistic cartoonist will train
with Hollywood animators
Please note a correct in this report. Exceptional Minds’ placement rate is more than 70% based on 2017 graduates working in the fields of visual effects and animation. )

Telemundo Feature:
Mentes Excepcionales: Programa que ayuda a jóvenes con autismo.

( Exceptional Minds: A program that helps young people with autism )

Exceptional Minds around the world:
EM featured on VOA in Russian
The team at Sarofsky made it clear
they had a great experience
working with Exceptional Minds
bdzbdzbf School for autistic adults makes
splash in Hollywood shows
Hollywood Celebrates
Exceptional Minds,
Autism at Open House Friday
Exceptional Minds Class of 2017
Defies Autism Odds
Patricia Heaton Addresses Autism, Social Responsibility at
Exceptional Minds "Friendraiser"
Exceptional Minds: Autistic students learn VFX, work on major feature films
Why An LA Nonprofit Is Helping
People With Autism Get Jobs
In Visual Effects
Meet the Exceptional Minds who worked on Oscar-Nominated
‘Doctor Strange’
CNN Great Big Story
Unlocking Exceptional Minds: Animating with Autism
FaceBook Upworthy: Video Because we’re all part of the same story
Exceptional Minds on Channel 7

Susan Zwerman Interviewed by
Lynne Ford on WBCL Radio

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Autistic Students GaIn The Skills
To Work In Animation And Visual Effects At Exceptional Minds
Ernie adds perspective on
autism stereotypes in this
USA Today story.
Exceptional Minds on VOANews.com

How Young People with Autism are
Making Moving Magic
Thanks KPCC!

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EM on NBC News
Helping Young Adults With Autism
Make Movie Magic
Exceptional Minds
Makes the cover of Parade Magazine
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Act of Humankindness
Exceptional Minds
Featured on
Hollywood Today Live

Exceptional Minds meets Star Wars
Jack Huston and John Boyega Accept HFPA Grant for EM

Exceptional Minds
2015 Industry Open House

Comedy Central Presents

Exceptional Minds -

Night of Too Many Stars

Profectum 2015

Ron Suskind Opening 2015

Exceptional Minds Presents

A Perfect Fit

Exceptional Minds
2014 Graduation
Exceptional Minds featured on
ABC News!
Exceptional Minds 2014
EM Landing Hollywood Gigs
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Temple Grandin praises Exceptional Minds!
Eli's Speech and Presentation
Autism Speaks' Peter Bell praises Exceptional Minds
Exceptional Minds 2012 Spectacular Promo DVD

Exceptional Minds featured on
CBS News!

Our Exceptional Documentary

Happy Birthday Ed!

Ed Asner saying thank you for his gift from Exceptional Minds

April Fools!
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Ernie visits Autism America Show.

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