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Exceptional Minds Parent Meetings


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"EM State of the Union: Our year in review.
Join the heads of EM School and EM Studio as they show off the amazing work our students have accomplished this year. "


"Work Readiness for our students.
Learn from EM Instructors how to keep those skills current and active at our first ever interactive parent training."


"Special Needs Planning Made Easy: Understand the ABCs of special needs planning from an experienced financial advisor."


"Transitioning from School-Age to Adulthood: Workshop designed to educate and empower transitioning students and their parents."


  April 2016
"Parent Networking & Socializing:
Exceptional Minds Year in Review"


  December 2015
"California's New Self-Determination Program:
Providing Choice and Control for Regional Center Clients and their Families"


  October 2015
"A Parent Workshop on Independence, Expectations & Behavioral Strategies"
Benjamin Maixner & Emily Gale




April 2015
"Employment - What's on the Horizon?"
Ernie Merlan - Program Director, Craig Seitz - Head of Production,
Susan Zwerman - Job Developer




February 2015
"Moving From ...'It's all about me' to 'It's all about us':
Developing Relationships in Adolescents & Young Adults with ASD"
Dr. Ricki Robinson, MD.




December 2014
"Crisis in Housing:
Exploring the Possibilities"
Jessica Romeyn, Mari-Anne Kehler, & Nella Abelson




October 2014
"The Legal Life Beyond 18:
Accessing Essential Supports and Services"
Valerie Vanaman, David German & Jodi Bynder, Attorneys from NavLaw


  February 2014
"Letting Go. Helping Create a Successful Transition to Adulthood"
Dr. Laurie Stephens Ph. D.

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