Creating the future...one frame at a time.
  1. Vocational program and professional studio environment

    • Technical training

    • Job readiness instruction

    • Teamwork experience

    • Work on paying client projects

  2. Three-year program (10 months per year)

  3. 5 days per week

  4. Staff to student ratio of 1:4

  5. Staff has digital arts expertise as well as experience working with teens and adults with ASD

How do I apply?

  • Initial Meeting & Class Observation

  • Submit Records for Review

  • Student & Parent Interviews with Program Director & Educational Consultant

  • Experiential Computer Assessment

How is progress measured?

  • End of semester progress reports

  • Personal project rating

  • Online Adobe testing

What do I get out of this program?

  • Professional reel/portfolio/resume

  • Credits on commercial projects

  • Adobe certification

  • Earned income

  • Improved quality of life

Minimum Admission's Criteria

  • Minimum educational level: evidence of high school diploma or G.E.D., and a minimum of sixth-grade academic skills as evidenced by transcripts, formal testing results, such as state testing (Star, CAT, etc.) IEP Assessment and Present Levels of Performance, etc.

  • Offical medical diagnosis of autism

Please click here for further criteria and our admissions policy.


Tuition Assistance for Students Already Enrolled